Kırkayak Art Center 

The association is founded in 2011, as Kirkayak Sanat Merkezi (KSM) in Gaziantep where one of important city in the southeastern region of Turkey. Main purposes of the association are realizing artistic and cultural activities in Gaziantep as centre of attempt, and in the other close cities such as Kilis, Adiyaman, Şanliurfa, and in rural areas of all these regions. At the same time, the other target of the association is to protect the natural prosperity and diversity of these regions. First activity of the association was organizing a film festival under the name of ‘Onat Kutlar Film Festivali’ (Onat Kutlar Cinema Festival) in Gaziantep between 27th of May-30th of May 2011. The organization has intention to maintain similar activities in next years with same artistic and thematic care. In next two years, the association has many intentions for realizing and arranging different activities, such as concert, exhibition, movies, conferences, courses, and documentary film, registering human and natural prosperity of the region for creating different approach to cultural and natural facts of Gaziantep region and other close areas. And the association will try to effort for remembering the different ethnic language, cultural and historical heritage in these regions. Because oh that people of the association who works voluntarily, such as photography artist, sociologist, historian, doctor, solicitor, teacher, architect, documentary film maker’s effort will carry on in these subjects.
The association plan for next two years by titles
-Workshop on photography
-Workshop on documentary film
-Short movies day
-Cinema film programs
-Photograph exhibition
-Conference on literature
-Maintaining and creating the film festival as ‘Onat Kutlar Film Festivali’
-Making documentary films and photographing cultural diversity of Anatolia
-Develop social responsibility projects, especially on ethnic minorities, women, and child labour subjects.

We have an old association building in city centre. Our centre is a cultural heritage because it is nearly 80 years old. It is a stone building and has got authentic atmosphere. There are a workshop room, an office room, a kitchen, a library.
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- With international projects and partnerships to create new opportunities for young people with fewer opportunities,
- To contribute to the personal development of young people, students and women,
- To contribute to development of society.
- To encourage entrepreneurship,
- To development of cooperation.
- To protect the cultural richness.
- To make our target groups aware of intercultural learning opportunities

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