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 Location and Identification

Because of the self and haetero-identification problem faced when it comes to the Roma in Turkey, it is sometimes very difficult to claim their presence in different areas or near to certain closed religious communities. In Istanbul, they live in specific mahalles (neighborhoods), as Kasimpasha – Curukluk, Kucukbakkalkoy, Sulukule, Uskudar Selamsiz, etc. Besides the sedentary Roma, there are the nomads who leave the places they lived in towns, and they start following a pre-established itinerary, from spring to autumn, due to occupational reasons. 

The Roma in Turkey are called as Cingene, Kipti, Pos¸a (in Eastern Anatolia), Mirti (in Hakkari, Mardin, Siirt and South part of Van), Kocer, Arabaci (the ones who use horse carriages) etc., or with the pejorative “esmer vatandas¸” (“brunet citizen”). There are also a different group of Greek Christian Roma, the Balamorons, identified in Turkish as “Yunan cingeneleri” which means the “Greek Gypsies”.



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